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Topic: Kazakh language and other turkic languages

Author Message
29-12-04 08:23
For the Kazakh speakers here, I was wondering how much Kazakhs can understand other Turkic languages like Kyrgyz, Tatar, Uzbek and Turkish. I hear Kyrgyz and Kazakh is nearly the same language.

Author Answer
05-01-14 21:03

You can have a look at this work. It is comparing the most used verbs in Turkic Languages. Here is the address:


23-05-13 17:05
I wrote a message at at 01.44 AM today, but it has not appeared yet. But there appeared the date and hour of my message on the main page of the English Forum, but my message is not here.

Could you please control my message ? Thanks a lot

23-05-13 01:44
you said that such present tense constructions are only used in Kazakh Language, but you are mistaken, it is used also in Turkey, especially in rural areas in Western Turkey but it is not found in the Standard Turkish.For example, people say for "to come - gelmek" :

I am coming - Ben gelipbatirin.
You are coming - Sen gelipbatirsin,
He/she/it is coming - O gelipbatir,
We are coming - biz gelibatiriz,
You(plural) are coming - siz gelibatirsiniz,
They are coming - onlar gelibatirlar.

please look at this page.
I think these present tense constructions are also used in Turkmen.

So how similar or different are Turkic Languages ?
as I am a Turk:
I can easily understand Azeri, Turkmen.
I can understand Uzbek, Uyghur with some difficulty.
When I hear Kazakh and Kyrgyz, I can understand general meaning.

But if I go to Kazakhstan, I believe, I can easily communicate in one week, and maybe I can understand whole newspapers and tv-radyo channels in one month.


Gabiden Aktau
06-04-13 10:24
Hi dudes, my name is Gabiden, I am from Kz, but I am in Michigan state now

14-08-09 23:20
hi,everybody!!!!yeah,you are right,kazakh and turkish very close.I`m in America now,and have some friends from turkey.i speak with them on kazakh,and they can understand me,me too when they speak on turkish.)))))
15-08-08 20:40
to Tom Tugan from Colorado
To answer your last question: "Tugan" in Kazakh is a derivative from "to bear" as in "to give birth". In other words, it means "somebody who was born". There are some other meanings which are connected with each other, such as (as previous writer said) - "a relative", "a brother", "a sister".
I guess your ancestor must be from one of the Turkhish people, such as Kazakh, Kumyk or Nogay.
13-08-08 11:20
you can learn other Turkic Language easily if you know Kazakh language you can find information links on wikipedia

25-08-06 14:33
Hello everyone!
I am a student and I make a research about the problem of bilingualism among students in Kazakhstan (Almaty).
What problems do you have with learning Kazakh?
Do you have any ideas how to solve these problems?
Please, express you opinion and write you occupation, ethnic group and the way you try to learn Kazakh.
25-08-06 01:44
2 caffelatte :
I'm Beijing too and a Kazakh born in China.My Kazakh and Chinese have the same proficiency , I like languages and maybe I can be of any help. Write to me and talk at length...

23-08-06 11:42
Hi everyone I want to meet new friends,and praktice english more.
I also know Turkish language,so write me everyone,I'LL answer.
22-08-06 11:22
hi there I am french and I would like to learn Kazakh, could you help me to find books or courses.Now I leave in Bejing/China.
I speak english, french, italian, a bit of german and actually I am learning chinese.I am really interested in the Kazakh culture and so the language.
If someone can give me some tips!!!
Thanks a lot.
20-08-06 13:28
10-08-06 19:11
yes, the languages similar. but they sound diffrent. as i know a few of them it is easier for me to understand most of the turkick languages. it is like with the spanish. italian and spanish is like kazakh and kyrgyz, kazak and turkish is like spanish and english only same roots of the words, kazakh and uzbek languages are like spanish and french, when it is written you understand but when they start talking it is something out of understanding. the uzbek language in uzbekistan and the uzbek language spoke in kazakhstan is quite different, i have Kazakhstani uzbek friends when they speak i understand 100% but when i am in uzbekistan especially the farest parts i start doubting about my knowledge of Uzbek language. :)
kto to
10-05-06 13:23
hello dudes!
thats a very good pleasure to know five or more languages, i know only four including eng., my native mean kazakh, russian(almost everyone speaks) and turkish. but i face problems in speaking english, so i am planning to go to USA to improve my skills.
by the way, sure turkish is not the hardest one, especially kazakhs can learn it easily..
with regards from TR/Istanbul
Tom T
06-03-06 07:10
Thank you again. I appreciate your help. 'To bear' as in to carry or as in to give birth?

P.S. Hello NSA & George, do you guys have any additional insite into this?
03-03-06 19:51
Hello Tom! Interested in your last name? I am too. It is real Kazakh name, Kazakh word. Comes from "tuu" the infinitive verb form means "to bear". And your name is derrivative of this verb "tuu". "Tugan" in this situation has a few meanings such as "born", "relative", ''brother''. Your name has very large and beautiful meaning. Kazakhs still have such first names. Bye see you.
Tom T
02-03-06 09:52
Hello, I'm just trying to learn about one word. 'Tugan', this is my last name. We were told that my grandfather came to the USA alone from Croatia in the early 1900's when he was 16, on a borrowed passport which he never sent back. Lately I've been trying to find the roots of that name, what people?, what is the meaning? Our family always assumed it was Croatoan but now I really don't think so, it doesn't look like a Croat name (except for Franko Tudgman). I see it's in a Tartar dictionary but I also think it's in the Turkic's languages. I've seen the word 'tugan' used on Kazakh forums. Can anyone help?

Thank you much,
Tom Tugan, Colorado
28-01-06 12:18
Hello everybody. I'm Sanjarbek from Uzbekistan. I'm going to apply to International kazakh-turk university. So i need some advise. Although, i wanna talk students who study at this university from uzbekistan.


07-02-05 13:58
2 Shymkentten
No my dear, ben from Tashkent...
Hey, have you an ICQ?
That's my icq number 206548354
would b glad 2 hear from u...
31-01-05 02:13
To Uptown-girl. I would be happy to teach you Turkish but I am not sure if I am able to, right now. I am in UK doing my second Master`s degree and working part-time, so that besides distance I have problems with spare time. I am very sorry.

There are a lot of graduates from KTLs and MKTU who can help you in Kazakhstan. I guess from your nickname that you live in Almaty somewhere upper Satpayev`s street. Am I right?
28-01-05 13:59
2 Shymkentten
It's great that you know 5 languages!!! Hey, if you know turkish language, can you teach me?
If it's not a problem 4 you pls send me a msg! This is my Icq number 206548354
28-01-05 13:55
2 Davius! Yeah you're right our languages very close! But kazakh language rather coarse than uzbek language!
By the way, Karakalpaks speak very similar to Kazakh language.

24-01-05 22:30
Hello all!
Davius, I have experience of talking with Saha and Tuvin but I`ve never met Salars. Concerning the former, I could understand them without significant mistakes, but keep in mind that at that time I was fluent in three turkic languages. As I told you before, the more languages you know the easier it to understand the other. By the way, Karakalpaks speak very similar to Kazakh language.

Freelander, baurym, Shymkentte kyzdardan baska tentektey jigitter bar ekenin bilu kereksin, ben ayi gibiyim - kup gapirmaiman. I hope you`ve got what I mean.

23-01-05 22:47
I want to contribute some of my experience about the Turkish languages.

In my lifetime, I did live with Uzbeks, Turkmens, Turks and Azerbaijans. I can understand and talk with these Turkish nationalities in their own accents without problem, they understand me if I talk Kazakh slowly but they can’t speak in Kazakh accent. I think if you can Kazakh language other Turkish languages will be much easier to learn.

One thing more, much of people that can speak Kazakh can speak other languages without accent too, for instance a lot of nationalities in SNG speak Russian with accent, but not Kazakhs, my own experience from Kazakhs in Afghanistan, Iran and Denmark is the same.

It is amazing but I don’t understand why?

23-01-05 12:18
Shymkentten, u`re goddam right...
Ben de turk insanlarla calisarken turkce konusmaya basladdigim... (aslinda, 3-4 haftadan sonra...)
11-01-05 05:38
thanks for the reply Shymkentten , I was always wanting to pick up a Turkic language and hoping that if I learn one, I could understand the others with out too much learning.

one more question.. how well can you understand the more distant Turkic language, like Sakha (Yakut) and Salar (in China)? or Tuvin?

I was very surprised when you said Kazakh is closer to Altai than to Kyrgyz.
I am also from Sh... .
07-01-05 17:37
You are quite right, my country-fellow. If you can speak Kazakh and Turkish, you have no problem with other Turkic languages.
06-01-05 12:20
Allahim Yarrabim.$u kiz bizimkilerden ya!Ma$allah...:))
Ahuallarin kanah can karde$im?Ozbekca gapryashan?:))
MKTU'li misin?SKKTL'den misin?

04-01-05 12:40
Hello Davius!

Let me try to help you with your question. I am not specialist in languages, and my opinion is subjective. However, I speak 5 languages including 3 Turkic (Kazakh, Turkish and Uzbek) and I studied in International Kazakh-Turkish University (Turkistan, South Kazakhstan) with students from over the whole Turkic world so that I could communicate with representatives of almost all Turkic nations. You see, I have to be quit familiar with this issue.

Actually, Kazakhs can understand other Turkic languages, at least can guess and understand general meaning. However, Kazakh language is the closest to ancient Turkic language among all other languages, so that the more modernized related language (e.g. Turkish) the harder to understand it for Kazakhs.

As far as I know no other turkic language have present tense constructions akin to those used in Kazakh language (present continuose, present simple etc.). Kazakhs use action (in contrast to modal verb in English) verbs to describe time of action. For example: I am going (eng.) is Bara jatyrmyn - which, if directly translated, means I am going-laying.

Southern Kazakhs (living alongside Southern border of KZ, and all Kazakhs from Southern Oblast of KZ) are better in understanding other Turks because they frequently interacts with Uzbeks, Kyrgyzs, Turkmens.

Those who know in addition to Kazakh language any other turkic language, better understands all the others. If you know Kazakh, Uzbek and Turkish (as I do) you can understand completely all other Turks from Yakutiya to Turkey and from Shuvashiya to Uzbekistan (borders of Turkic world).

Contrary to beliefs that Kyrgyz language is the closest to Kazakh, from my experience I would say that Nogay and Kumyk are the closest (Dagestan-Russia), then Altai (people living in Altai region of Russia) and then the others until Turkish at the end. Anyway relationship among these languages is closer than relationship among French, Spanish and Italian.

To conclude: Kazakhs understand their relatives.

I hope it can help you!

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